Freitag, 1. August 2003

New Antville Bookmarklets

Erstellt von hns um 17:01 New Antville Bookmarklets

Here's a selection of new Antville bookmarklets I just made. I tested them on IE and Mozilla, they may work on other browsers too.

AntPost 1 opens in same window, Link: Selection

AntPost 2 opens in popup window, Link: Selection

AntPost 3 opens in same window, Selection [via Link]

AntPost 4 opens in popup window, Selection [via Link]

Instructions: Drag to your browser's link bar or bookmark any of the links above, edit its properties and replace "" at the beginning of the code with the address of your own blog. Please do not post to in order to test the bookmarklets!

Credits go to Tobi who did the original antville bookmarklet and to Thomas Gigold and Moe for inspiration on how to fix + improve it.

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