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liebe antville macher! wenn ihr eure treuen fans cursor und thees (croc.antville) in wien live sehn wollt, ihr seid on gustlist, 1.12. szene wien. alles weitere zur not mit mir per mail.

Howdy, Spammers!

I just added a dozen IP addresses to our robots exclusion file again and voilà!'s running much smoother again.

Of course, this only will help a few weeks (if we are lucky), and those dead-ends of evolution will catch up again.

But at least for the time being most-reads and referrers of the fellow Antville people (hopefully) are at least a little bit more, erm, meaningful...


Ein Kumpel hat zwei antville-blogs, die er mir geben will, findet aber seine login-Daten nicht mehr. Wer von den Antville-Göttern kann da bitte helfen, seine Galaxien mir zu überschreiben?

Danke im voraus.

A friend has two antville-blogs he wants to give me, but he cannot login because he forgot his login parameters. Who can help to set me as new admin?

Thanx in advance.

Details via Personal Mail

Bad XMLRPC (?)

I am a Mac-User blogging with the software ecto ( ) via metaWeblog-API on (antville-based). While testing the new version of ecto (Beta-Status), I got in touch with the programmer as I had difficulties connecting to using the

In responce, that's what he wrote and I hope this is the right place to let you know:


Yeah, I see what's wrong. Here's what your server is returning:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <methodResponse> <params> <param> <value> <array> <data> <value><struct> <member> <name>url <value>/ </member> <member> <name>blogid <value>powerbook </member> <member> <name>blogName <value>powerbook _ blog </member> </struct></value> </data> </array> </value> </param> </params> </methodResponse>

It's bad xml for XMLRPC. It should be:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <methodResponse> <params> <param> <value> <array> <data> <value><struct> <member> <name>url</name> <value><string>/</string></value> </member> <member> <name>blogid</name> <value><string>powerbook</string></value> </member> <member> <name>blogName</name> <value><string>powerbook _ blog</string></value> </member> </struct></value> </data> </array> </value> </param> </params> </methodResponse>

It would also be nicer if the encoding was set as: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

ISO-8859-1 is out of date.


start and stop antville/antclick properly

Hello, as mentioned earlier in the helpfiles or faq you start antclick (in my case the java-only version including webserver jetty and database mckoi) on a linux system with nohup ./ &

looking for the antville/java processes (eg. ps -x) on the system the shell skript invokes 21 java processes

how do you shut antville down properly? what process has to be 'kill'ed? The kill command is fine, but doesn't you risk to corrupt, for instance, the database?

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