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Fix for RSS Detection

With Safari 2.0 and Firefox 1.0 PR the RSS detection features become obiquitious in web applications.

Migrating to new Antville a lot of blogs been broken in that respect. Skins should use that snippet in the Main Skin's header.

<link rel="alternate" title="<%site.title%>" 
type="application/rss+xml" title="XML" 
href="<% site.url %>rss" />

To the developers: something like "<% site.feed %> would be nice.

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Petition to re-instate non-Public Subscriber

The Antville 1.1 upgrade removed access for subscribers to non-public sites. Initially, people reported it as bug, but it has been confirmed that this was an intentional change:

first of all: the behaviour you described isn't a bug, it's an intentional change which still makes sense to me, although it might not in your case.
I asked for deeper explanation for the change but I have not received a reply to date. I don't understand why this access was (a) removed for subscribers, but (b) still continues for contributors and manager. I do not want to get into a flame war (thats not my intention) about this issue - you either support it or you don't.

So, if you would like this functionality reinstated, please leave a comment of support.

When will subscriber login be fixed?

Since the Antville 1.1 upgrade it has not been possible for subscribers to login in to private blogs. When will this serious bug be fixed? Surely, we do not have to wait until the next release?

I am surprised more people haven't raised the issue because according to Antville website there are over 1000 private sites. Am I missing something?

createtime bug

I use the the story.createtime as="editor" macro in my story editor skin. However, since the Antville upgrade I have been having problems with the createtime macro date and time. The createtime sets the story date to a future date under the following sequence everytime.

  1. Add a story
  2. Save offline your story
  3. On the stories page, click view to get the story
  4. To enter edit mode, click the edit link while viewing the story
  5. save offline the story - date and time in future
  6. In edit mode, createtime has a date and time in the future, which you cannot edit

It took me some time to narrow down the sequence of events. If I click edit on the stories page there is no problem - it only occurs when I go from view to edit in the story - this is my work around.

UpdateIt happens everytime you edit now - its only correct after the initial update

Skins have disappeared

After the upgrade, I found loads of additional skins listed under the modified skins view. I also noticed that some of the skins I modified before the upgrade, e.g. login skin, do not appear as a default skin. Yesterday, these additional skins disappeared from the modified skin view. Could someone please explain/answer the following for me;

  1. Why are all these additional skins not listed under the default skins view? Is it a bug?
  2. Could you please reinstate these additional skins under modified skins until they are correctly listed under default skins, as I would like to modify the forgotten password skin?
  3. The modified skin view now correctly lists only those skins I have modified, but why is my login skin not listed under default skins as well? Another bug?

Thanks in Advance for your answers.

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