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Pls. Help: I have a problem...

...when I try to delete or block a site in my antclick personal installation (antclick 1.1 on MacosX.3)

The error code is: "Assertion failed. Record is not deleted Status=32 rec_pos=816"

At the end, after the error I can get the site blocked but, I can not get the site deleted.

BTW: No errors showing at the terminal window

Thanks in advance.

Antclick trouble

Hi there!

I'm running jetty/mckoi on a remote linux machine. Starting AntClick I get the following messages:

Starting HTTP server on port 8080 Adding to classpath: /home/www/web1/html/ant/lib/ext/mckoidb.jar Starting Helma 1.2.5 (2003/06/06) on Java 1.4.2_01 Area (pointer = 16960664) is not allocated! at at com.mckoi.database.V2MasterTableDataSource.scanForLeaks( at

... and a lot more of these message¬īs. I think the db is corrupted. That's the reason I started the mckoi repair tool: java -cp mckoidb.jar -path /home/www/web1/html/ant/data -name DefaultDatabase

This runs until: ....

  • Repairing V2MasterTableDataSource 083APP_AV_ACCESSLOG
  • Store: [ JournalledFileStore: 083APP_AV_ACCESSLOG ]
  • Store areas are intact.
  • Rebuilding free bins.
  • Store repair complete.
  • Checking record integrity. <-- always stopping there at 083APP_AV_ACCESSLOG

Is there any chance to repair my db? Any ideas are highly welcome!!!


mckoidb access and user record problem

I have two questions/problems. The root problem is that I have installed the Antclick package on my NT server (pre2 release) and a user somehow got their account added twice to the database with the same user ID. Now that ID is not editable or deletable. The error thrown when I try to delete that account is:

An error occurred while processing your request:

java.lang.RuntimeException: Error retrieving Node: java.lang.RuntimeException: More than one value returned by query.

So I'm thinking I need to manually go into the Mckoi dabatase and delete that record. Does anyone know how I can query the DB directly? And secondly does anyone know the default schema used by the ANTClick install?

Uncorrectable errors in AV_IMAGE (mysql)

This is possibly a mysql bug... don't know. But shows up in the AV_IMAGE table in the antville db when you add an space 0x20 at the end of the IMAGE_ALIAS field like in the following example (watch the 5th element in the second row: 'c ', if you remove the blank after the 'c' the problem is gone).

INSERT INTO AV_IMAGE VALUES (17018,1284,NULL,17019,'lec_fl5','lec_fl5','jpg',131,268,'','2004-01-30 01:07:35',2149,NULL,NULL); INSERT INTO AV_IMAGE VALUES (17024,1780,NULL,17025,'c ','c ','gif',236,471,'','2004-01-30 04:06:17',3020,NULL,3020);

This is the error you get with myismacheck:

[..] myisamchk -e --force -v /usr/local/mysql/data/antville/AV_IMAGE ... myisamchk: error: Record at: 56 Can't find key for index: 3

  • recovering (with sort) MyISAM-table '/usr/local/mysql/data/antville/AV_IMAGE' [..]

The index IDX_IMAGE_MXD is responsible for this. When you remove or change the INDEX_ALIAS there you get rid of the problem. This is probably harmless, can't say .. but annoying.

Any ideas on this ?

Our second big corruption

For the second time since we started using Antclick, we have had a major McKoi DB corruption. All 17 of our weblogs are lost, and my students are perplexed. I have sent them off to a free weblog site to continue with their weblogs.

I wonder, is there any way we can save things? We lost everything the last time, and I expect we are in the same pickle now.

Our problem, I believe, was an update of Java to 1.4.1. We are (were) running our Antclick weblogs on a Mac OS 10.2.6 machine with 120 GB of HD, and 1 G of memory on a dual processor machine. Would Antville do us any better?

Oh, woe is us.

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