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Monat-Header im Kalender

ich finde nirgendwo eine Eingriffsmöglichkeit, um auch die Anzeige des Kalender-Monates (z.Zt. also Februar 2010) in font-weight: normal (statt bold) anzeigen zu lassen. ja, ist mir wichtig :-) Hat jemand einen Tip?? Welches skin? welche Stelle?



The Calendar

isn't working anymore. If I want to look at older months I can't go back in the calendar anymore. If I look at one of the older stories the calendar displays only the month it was written in and as link the actual month - not like: "april / may" -> it shows: "april / june" How do I fix this?

add a story on a date in the future?

hi! is it possible with macros/ or also by editing the antville source, so that i can for example click on any date in the calendar and create a story for that selected date?

thx for your help!

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