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Could be possible...

...for anonymous users or those logged out, to add a story, comments?

Some visitors want to leave comments/stories but, they do not even try to register.

Antville doesn't display correct URL

I have installed antclick-1.1 under Suse Linux 8.2. After running AntClick as standalone server on port 8080 without any problems, I decided to connect Antclick with the Apache 1.3 Server as described on .

For the URL rewriting passage I used the settings described in "Nicer URLs with Apache mod_rewrite" paragraph from .

Since then I am experiencing problems with the login and editing of stories. It is only possible to login with Internet Explorer with minimal cookie security settings.

When I try to edit a story it also happens sometimes, that modifications to the text are not stored. Or at least it seems that they are not stored. Because when I login to my antville installation with a different browser, the changes are shown.

Could these issues be caused by my url rewriting settings? Because right now, when I move my mouse over a link the correct URL is shown, but after clicking on the link the adress of the page always remains the root adress of my weblog.

Currently my virtual host and rewrite settings look like this:

Mounting /antville/* to a virtual host

<VirtualHost> DocumentRoot /home/philipp_hh/apps/helma ServerName JkMount /antville/* helma

#activate the rewrite module RewriteEngine on

#pass through requests to /images and /static directories #RewriteRule ^/$ /home/philipp_hh/apps/helma [R] RewriteRule ^/static(.) /static$1 [L] RewriteRule ^/images(.) /images$1 [L]

#pass through requests ending with .html RewriteRule ^/(..html)$ /$1 [L]

#everything else is handled by our antville application RewriteRule ^/(.*) /antville/$1 [L,PT]

Thank you for your help


Antclick Rocks!

I am seting up antclick on a w2k server for an academic environment. The instalation was easy. Antville works very well from home or anyplace outside the Campus.

When we try from ours computer labs, everybody can be able to navigate contents as anonymous users. We also can login successfully. But nobody can post any comments/stories or do any other tasks. It keeps bouncing to the login/password page again and again. In the middle of a sesion, if you try to do some non-anonymous task, you get kicked back to the login page.

I already try cookies, proxy server, router configs, time outs, but not luck.

Our university connection to the internet is very slow and crowed. I think, it has something to do with the slow access and the long waiting times.

Is the waiting time configurable?

Anbody/any ideas please!

Thanks in advance.

How to start a sesion directly from the front page?

I would like to know if, it would be possible to login and start a sesion directly from the front page.

What I want it is just to avoid the first login click and improve the way my blog looks and works. (one click behind)

In the home page, after writing the user identification and the password in the home page, it will be to press a "enter" button and that's it.

I already tried but, it won't work!

I don't knowif works for John Bernard Walsh at

Any ideas or suggestions, if there is a solution for?


Login - Problem in Frames

Wenn man den Weblog in eine Frameseite einbaut, funktioniert der Login bei IE 6.0 nicht. Bei älteren Versionen von IE oder anderen Browsern wie Netscape, ect. gibt es kein Problem.

Wie kann man das Problem beheben?

English: If a weblog is built in a frameset, the login doesn´t work with IE 6.0. It works with older versions of IE, and it works with Netscape or other browsers.

How can I tackle this problem?

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