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Antclick: Timeout beim Layout-Upload

Wie oben schon geschrieben: Beim Versuch des Uploads von Layouts in meiner lokalen Antclick-Installation (aktuelle Version) bekomme ich stets einen Request Timeout, unabhängig von der Größe des ZIP-Files. Bei Bildern und Files funktionierts prima. Die Datenbank sollte auch noch nicht zu groß geworden sein, ich habe nur fünf Blogs mit einer Handvoll Stories und Layouts angelegt. Den Wert requestTimeout in der (oder war es die habe ich bereits schrittweise bis auf ca. 100 Fantastilliarden erhöht, ohne Erfolg. Weiß jemand Rat?

I'm trying to install, and understand, antclick site server on a MacOS X 10.4.2

Getting the antclick server up on port 8080 was successful.

However, macos x comes with apache on port 80 (turned on via Sharing->Services->Personal Web Sharing), and a pre-set firewall (turned on via Sharing->Firewall).

If I turn off personal web sharing (to shut down apache) and launch antclick on port 80, http requests give "can't connect to server" error

Is it possible to run antclick on port 80? Is it not a good idea to start with?

Thanks, José

Antclick + Object Cache


following situation:

we have designed some php-scripts to work with antville:

  • a register script, where user can register themselves and admins can approve them, if there nick & email is ok (with password-generation) - therefore we use a table AV_NEWUSER, while approving a user he is added to AV_USER

  • a user-deleting script, where admins can delete users from antville... it sets all referenced storys etc to user "Guest" (-> no errors)

--> that means, the scripts have direct access to the mysql-database, without using antville

After approving, the new user does not appear in antville's user-list. After deleting a user, he is still at the user-list. The change takes minutes up to hours or needs a cmplete restart of antclick before the result is visible in antville. For approving users it is an unwanted "feature", because they should be able to login immediatly.

Our questions: How often antclick updates its objects from the database? Is it effected by a "garbage collector"? (We know, that JAVA uses a garbage collector.) Can we change a setting anywhere, so that actualisation would happen more often?

please help! thx..

sorry for this bad english, we're german & austrian ;)

Cannot update skin in Antclick 1.1

I can edit the Main Page of a Single Day skin on Antclick 1.1, but it does not update the skin when I save it. So far thats the only skin that I have had this problem with; I can edit and save my changes in other skins. Has anybody else had this problem?

Antclick Image Upload error

In Antclick 1.1, I got the following error when I tried to upload a layout image (logged in as a site administrator):

InternalError: Java class "helma.image.ImageGenerator" has no public instance field or method named "getInstance". (

It seems this is a known bug with a work around, but I don't understand the solution because the answer is in german. Please explain/translate the fix for me. Thanks.

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